A Wry Eye – Political Dreams

BY this time next week we should know something. What that ‘something’ actually is will be the subject of frenetic fumbling around negotiating tables, late night discussions and media...

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Polling station

My Eye – Hurry up and have the election already!

Yesterday, we had the second of our two General Election NI Leaders’ debates. I’ve already made my views on these debates pretty clear in yesterday’s article. There are too...

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Cute goats

My Eye – NI leaders lock horns…

The UTV debate last night left a number of people feeling a little queasy. And I’m not just talking about Naomi Long. The Alliance leader had to call for...

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My Eye – Tories still hold all the aces…

Yesterday, the Ulster Unionist Party joined its rivals the DUP in announcing that it would not support a Labour Government under Jeremy Corbyn. For Corbyn, and the Labour Party, this...

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My Eye – A moment’s pause

Senior Account Executive Jack Gibson gives his thoughts, as the General Election campaign resumes. After being paused for two days in the wake of the horrific attack in Manchester...

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Jeremy Corbyn

My Eye – A depressing thought…

With Northern Ireland making the news during the UK General Election campaign, Senior Account Executive Jack Gibson gives his (somewhat downbeat!) thoughts on what this means for Northern Ireland....

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My Eye – The DUP’s Approach to the Westminster Parties

An interesting aspect of any Westminster election from a Northern Ireland perspective is the relationship between the UK parties and the DUP. It’s an important relationship for the simple...

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My Eye – King of the Castle in South Antrim

Senior Account Executive Jack Gibson gives an overview of the upcoming electoral contest in South Antrim. One of the surprise results of the 2015 General Election was the defeat...

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East Belfast - Harland and Wolff

My Eye – Two Horse Race in East Belfast?

Managing Director Will Chambré provides his analysis of the contest for the East Belfast seat at Westminster Outgoing DUP MP Gavin Robinson will have a tough battle on his...

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A Wry Eye – Calculations gone awry

LIKE Diane Abbott’s unique take on mathematics, pollsters can be subjected to the most unlikely results when they factor in this, that, or the other to divine the result...

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