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Starting the Local Development Plan Process

It’s been nearly two years since Eye on The Hill Events last examined Local Development Plans. These important documents will guide the future use of land and set out the policy framework to determine development proposals in their council area. This autumn, a number of councils are expected to publish their Preferred Options Papers for consultation – which will give stakeholders their first opportunity to feed into the process.

So, it’s more important than ever that stakeholders understand the process, and how they can inform it. Likewise, there is a renewed focus on councillors and council planners to ensure that their decisions reflect the needs of those they serve.

But there are still questions that need to be addressed. How are councils to ensure that their plans are legally sound, and built on a strong evidence base? What do the major stakeholder groups need to see from the planning proces? And what are the likely differences, in approach and in outcome, between the plans for a rural and an urban area?

On October 26, Chambré Public Affairs, in association with Turley, will hold a landmark seminar on the emerging Local Development Plans. Chaired by BBC Radio Ulster’s Seamus McKee, the event promises a constructive discussion, within the impressive surroundings of QUB’s Riddel Hall. The influential speaker line-up includes senior council officers, planners, lawyers and stakeholder representatives.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to attend, and put forward your views on how to get the best outcomes for our local communities and our region.