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The New Assembly: Making Sense of It All

With the election over, the MLAs are once again occupying the blue benches at Stormont, and the processes of government are in motion. But what do the next five years hold in store for the Northern Ireland Assembly?

The party make-up of the Assembly is very similar to the previous mandate. However, with a new Official Opposition, and with fewer Departments, Ministers and Assembly Committees, the political landscape is completely changed.

Alongside uncertainty around these developments, other questions loom large. How will the new Programme for Government, which will take a radically different approach from its predecessors, work in practice? And what are the Executive parties’ priorities for the next five years?

On 23 June, Chambré Public Affairs will hold a landmark seminar on the new Assembly. Featuring context and analysis from noted commentators, key stakeholders, and Executive party representatives, the seminar will provide an unparalleled insight into the workings of our legislature. Chaired by UTV’s Jamie Delargy, within the impressive surroundings of QUB’s Riddel Hall, the seminar is a must-attend for anyone planning to engage with the new Assembly and its Executive.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to attend, and be part of the discussion around the future direction of government in Northern Ireland.