Political Intelligence

In the fast-moving, dynamic world of politics, threats and opportunities can arise at any time. To respond, you need the right intelligence at the right time.

Political Monitoring and Research Services

Political Intelligence
  • Chambré PA parliamentary monitoring service can be your eyes on the ground, providing you with timely, accurate information.

  • Our research team is trained to identify the political and policy developments that matter to you, and to alert you as soon as they arise. Whatever your needs, we can tailor our service to provide you with the intelligence to support your public affairs activity.

  • Why use our service:
    Having an up-to-date understanding of the policy environment is vital for any campaign. The Chambré Public Affairs monitoring service provides that understanding. Our team breaks down the complexity of government, giving you accessible, useful intelligence.

  • Our services include:

    • Bespoke political monitoring reports, tailored to your organisation’s needs
    • Political and policy analysis
    • Stakeholder mapping  and perception auditing
    • Community and political auditing
    • Horizon scanning