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A Wry Eye – We’re in Trumple

By November 15, 2016No Comments2 min read

A NEW political order has been born after the election of Mr. Donald Trump as the U.S President. Coupled with his Republican Party in control of Congress, this seismic shift has implications here in Northern Ireland.

For the DUP, the pro-Brexit sentiment of the new President-elect could well be endearing. On the other side of the Executive table, though, Sinn Féin may have been hoping for a win for Hilary – “a very good friend to Ireland”, as described by Gerry Adams.

Of course, it will all be grand as long as Mr. Trump doesn’t pull any tricks the next time Gerry tries to attend a White House shindig. The property tycoon may want to control migration to the U.S with an iron fist, but refusing Adams entry to a knees-up on the Hill like President Obama did in March won’t go down well!

The point is redundant for Colum Eastwood though, who decided in October that he would never visit a Trump White House. It’s a shame really – rumour has it the Trump Steak is excellent!

Across the UK, the politician who seems to have done the best out of the whole affair is Nigel Farage. Not only is he reportedly being tapped as a go-between to soothe Westminster-Trump relations, but the new President seems to like him that much that he even showed the UKiper his top-secret fake tan cabinet!

Theresa May has been quick to argue that there’s no room for a third party in the ‘special relationship’, and believes Westminster will cope just fine without Nigel’s input.

That’s if she’s not too busy dealing with Brexit, which all of a sudden looks like only the second most shocking thing to happen this year!