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A Wry Eye – Mock Battles Over

By February 20, 2017No Comments2 min read

WITH the sham fight over it’s down to the real Assembly election battles, and this time no-one is sure what way the contest will go…

The first leader’s debate is done, the letter boxes are burgeoning with proselytising pamphlets, and ennui has settled into the populace with less than two weeks to go before the election on March 2nd.

And, Donald Trump says everything the mainstream media says is a lie…

Just another week in the political landscape of 2017. Trying to push through the sheer amount of information (or is it misinformation?) is like trying to pick up water without a glass!

For some, the glass may be half full. Take UUP leader Mike Nesbitt, who believes that every transfer he makes, and every transfer he receives, helps to fill up his party’s electoral cup.

The SDLP, his seemingly shy courting partner, has blushed a bit and sort of agreed. While first preferences will be taken anywhere, a second or third preference vote won’t go amiss!

The DUP have been thinking out loud about binning the Petition of Concern, in what could be considered a small olive branch to the other parties.

Any good will quickly disappeared, however, when Arlene Foster was questioned about her party’s Brexit advertisement in England’s Metro newspaper during the EU referendum campaign.

The DUP paid for the advert with a donation, and while there is no evidence to suggest anything untoward went on, questions about where the money came from has injected more energy into the storm engulfing NI politics.

It did get us thinking, though, about why anyone would donate to a political party in Northern Ireland. Can they write it off against taxes? Unlikely. Can they hope to have influence during legislative passage? Doubtful. Had they several glasses of wine and been swayed by a party-political broadcast? Only if it was really strong wine!

The only conclusion we have come to is that they are just nice people, who like giving their money away.