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Westminster Committee to investigate impact of Bombardier Tariffs

By October 26, 2017No Comments1 min read

The Westminster NI Affairs Committee have launched an inquiry into Bombardier, and the future of aerospace manufacturing in Northern Ireland. This move comes in reaction to plans by the  US Dept of Commerce to impose 220% tariffs on Bombardier Jets, as well as additional import taxes. The Committee wish to review the potential impact this will have on jobs at Bombardier as well as linked firms further down the supply chain.

Terms of Reference

  • What is the potential impact on jobs linked to Bombardier in Northern Ireland if tariffs are imposed?
  • What role has Government financial support for Bombardier played? Are other companies at risk of similar complaints?
  • How far does the Airbus majority stake go to protecting Bombardier and jobs in Northern Ireland?
  • What steps now need to be taken to ensure the deal is implemented smoothly?
  • Will the Airbus deal prevent further redundancies at Bombardier?
  •  How dependent are other companies in Northern Ireland on the success of Bombardier?
  • How prepared is the existing employment infrastructure to cope with any redundancies at Bombardier or other large employers in Northern Ireland?
  • What is the potential impact on the wider Northern Ireland economy if companies like Bombardier go out of business?

The Committee are currently accepting written submissions and will invite witnesses to give evidence. Closing date for written submissions: 24 November 2017.