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A Wry Eye – It’s all about the wait

PATIENCE. It’s a virtue, or so we’re told. If you live in Northern Ireland patience is not just a virtue, but key to existence and holding onto a semblance...

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Autumn Statement 2016

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond MP presented his first Autumn Statement to the House of Commons on 23 November 2016. The Autumn Statement provides an update on the government’s...

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A Wry Eye – The myopia of clear vision in the post-truth era

WELL last week was interesting for all the usual reasons in Norn Iron politics. There was the twice yearly North South Ministerial Council meeting. There was the abortion issue...

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A Wry Eye – We’re in Trumple

A NEW political order has been born after the election of Mr. Donald Trump as the U.S President. Coupled with his Republican Party in control of Congress, this seismic...

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My Eye – 7 November 2016

Account Executive Jack Gibson looks back on another successful Eye On the Hill Event – this time on Local Development Planning.  We’re now a little over a week on...

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A WRY EYE – Damn those pesky Eurocrats

JUST when you thought we were all heading out of the European Union, it sticks its big nose in and messes up all our plans for wee jaunts to...

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WRY EYE – Mr Ben lays down the law 

NO need for reports on dusty shelves, just the political will to change the health and care system in Northern Ireland. Thus was the decree of Professor Rafael Bengoa...

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